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6377 Kimber Road
Cashmere, WA, 98815
United States

(509) 782-1897

Torrence Engineering, LLC is a regional civil engineering company serving the needs of Central and Eastern Washington. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled service and outstanding results for each and every project. 




Torrence Engineering’s qualified and experienced staff has the ability to work cooperatively within a project team, including owners, other consultants, and contractors to produce the most cost effective result possible. At all times, budgets and schedules remain paramount and we press hard to meet the challenging goals of the team so that critical paths stay on target. 

Our engineers and designers are certified and familiar with Eastern Washington and the Northwest’s land systems and environmental needs. Understanding seasonal specifics, soils, waterways and structural requirements ensures results that last.

As a team player, we understand that projects don’t always follow a standard 9-5 schedule. Our staff remains responsive, flexible and dedicated to keep the project moving forward.

As a professional organization, we retain strong alliances with local agencies, often developing friends along the way. Our goal is to approach each project in a collaborative manner in order to address agency concerns while providing clients with projects that exceed their standards.

Our personal approach to consulting inspires confidence, security and success for all team members involved in a project. Our clients are always a member of the team and assigned a project manager to serve as a single point of contact throughout the project’s timeline. Our team members are assigned specific duties to the project so the face and talent you experience in the beginning is the same face and talent you’ll finish with.